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(work in progress // documentation)

8th and 9th of October 2020 / 19:00 - >> LE STUDIO Film und Bühne c/o Studio Molière

INOSCULATION is a first step in the research for a new choreografic series with the title AUTO-FICTIONS. INOSCULATION explores the anatomy of a marionette (The Kid) in the making of an imagined in/animate figure as the choreografers child-like alter ego or representative inner child. The Kid is conceived and constructed for a short movie with the working title GRAFTING SELF that is planned for 2021.

Over the course of 5 weeks Ian Kaler collaborates with set desinger Nanna Neudeck in a formalized process of working on a test dummy of the marionette in which they explore the possibilities of materiality/materials and techniques, the anatomy and principles in movement of core, head, joints, limbs and extremities and the design and making of the face and presence of The Kid.

This work-process is followed by two evenings at LE STUDIO Film und Bühne c/o Studio Molière of a collage-like work in progress showing and talk in which Kaler will share and combine video-footage documenting the process with other materials, fragments and questions from the research and process.

The title INOSCULATION refers to the naturaly occuring phenomenon of trunks, branches and roots of two trees growing together; the term inosculation is also used in the context of plastic surgery for a mechanism by which skin grafts take at the host site.

Concept, artistic direction, text and performance Ian Kaler Construction, realization and camera Nanna Neudeck und Ian Kaler Editing Imogen Heath Coaching Jane Palmer and Eliza Simpson Outside Eye Chris Standfest and Hannes Wurm Thanks to Coelestine Engels, Josefine Hofbauer, Luis Hofbauer, Birgit Kellner and Christian Schlechter Production managment das Schaufenster Production Ian Kaler Cooperation LE STUDIO Film und Bühne c/o Studio Molière supported by Wien Kultur