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Contingencies explores differences. Differences each performer meets in unpredictable detours of habitual movement patterns as well as differences that appear within the group of performers. Herein lay the possibilities, potentials and hazards that contribute to the emergence of Contingencies as textures and processes of being together that are permanently renewed. Thus multi-layered and simultaneous timelines are being practiced and become perceivable as such. Light, music and architecture each intervene autonomously within the unfolding of the performance.

Following the series On Orientations, that investigated i.a. the relation between bodies and space, Contingencies reflects on architecture as performative element. Starting from a first version of the piece future architectures of the piece will emerge in different spaces as specific variations of Contingencies. As such the piece Contingencies maintains always difference in itself. The group, in being together, as well as the relation of the performers with the audience thus remains in constant negotiation.

Artistic Direction / Choreography Ian Kaler Music Brendan Dougherty Lightdesign Bruno Pocheron together with Susana Alonso (La Parole Errante) and Emma Juliard (Leopold Museum) Costume Marcus Karkhof Dramaturgical Advice Heike Albrecht Input Body Work Patricia Brüllhart Textual Work Anne Schuh Project Leadership das Schaufenster (Vienna/Berlin) and Heike Albrecht (Berlin) Assistance Thomas Schaupp Graphique Tommy Hui Shui Cheung Production >> Ian Kaler Coproduction >> Tanzquartier Wien and >> ImPulsTanz Cooperation >> Tanzfabrik Berlin and APAP - Advancing Performing Arts Project - Performing Europe Supported by Wien Kultur, bmukk and Der Regierende Bürgermeister von Berlin Senatskanzlei Kulturelle Angelegenheiten

>> Contingencies | Odeon
25th of April 2015 - 19:00 | in the frame of >> feedback 3rd Edition

Performance Ian Kaler, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Sigal Zouk
Music Performance Sebastian Bauer

>> Contingencies | Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz
29th and 31st of July 2014 - 21:00
Performance Joris Camelin, Tom Engels, Ian Kaler, Noha Ramadan, Rodrigo Sobarzo

>> Contingencies | La Parole Errante
17th (21:00) and 18th (18:30) of May 2014 | Guest Performance at >> Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis in >> La Parole Errante
Performance Joris Camelin, Tom Engels, Ian Kaler, Noha Ramadan

>> Contingencies | Leopold Museum
2nd and 3rd of May 2014 | Cooperation >> Leopold Museum
Performance Joris Camelin, Tom Engels, Noha Ramadan

>> Contingencies | Uferstudio 14
19th (19:00), 20th (11:00) and 23rd (19:00) of February 2014
Performance Joris Camelin, Tom Engels, Dolores Hulan, Ian Kaler, Noha Ramadan
Space Jozef Wouters