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Akemi Takeya (J/A) is born Aomori in japan- performer, dancer, choregrapfer, writer, musician

Since 1991 Akemi Takeya has been living and working in Vienna. She has collaborated with artists in the fields of dance, theater, film/video, fotography and music. She has created numerous dance, video and performance pieces in collaboration with such artists as Paul V. Weihs, Sam Auinger & Rupert Huber, Sam Auinger, Roberto Paci Daló, Dorfmeister, G.X. Jupitter Larsen, Sergio Messina, Bob Ostertag, Robin Rimbaud aka SCANNER, Jon Rose, Andrea Sodomka, Wolfgang Mitterer, Tom Cora, Werner Puntigam, Christian Fennesz, Tetsuo Furudate, Granular Synthesis ( modell5), Ong Ken Seng, Benoit Lachambre, Uchihahsi Kazuhisa, Noid, Rechenzentrum, Zbigniew Karkowski, Metalycée etc….

* Performance pieces: Imeka (1997): solo dance performance, bodypoems_REFLECTION (1998): 7 short stories with live music, Drowning Fish (1999): Austrian Dance Production Prize 1999, Yuragi (2000): dance & music performance in a form of jam session with 3 musicans, Terror by a blind stranger (2001): solo dance performance, Black Honey Drops (2001): in collaboration with Ko Murobushi (artistic supervisor), Shadow Pieces (2002): in collaboration with Miguel Angel Gasper (perfomer), multiple space (2001): in collaboration with Christian Fennesz (electronic), double space (2002): in collaboration with Noid (cello & electronic), ZZ (2003-4): in collaboration with Ong Ken Seng (artistic supervisor) and Noid (sound design), AJ Project (2002-3): the Austria X Japan Dance & Performance Exchange Programme; Yokohama (2002), Vienna, Budapest and Prague (2003), weathering” (2004) , “ce_l” (2005): with Ulf Langheinrich (audiovisual enviroment), So what! (2006): in collaboration with rechenzentrum (sound & video), Feeler (2006): in collaboration with Bruno Pocheron (light) & Heinz Ditsch (feedback sound), 31shots (2008-9): in collaboration with Anna MacRae (perfomer) and a male guest performer, red point s.e.e.d./s.h.o.o.t./b.l.o.o.m.(2008): autobiografic work in collaboration with Strukt (Visual) , suspended vol.1 (2009): in collaboration with Gordon Monahan (sound installation) and 5 perfomers.

noid aka arnold haberl (A) is musician, composer, sound artist living and working in vienna.

Oliver Stotz (A) is musician, patcher and project collaborator. He lives and works precariously in Vienna.

Hannes Wurm // fishy (A) lives, stages theatre and acts as a drop/down performance artist in Vienna.