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Little Stories About S.O.S. | Group Version
05. (21:00), 07. (22:00) und 08. (21:00) August 2015 / >> ImPulsTanz im >> Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz

It is an emergency call. Akemi Takeya is sending out an S.O.S. At ImPulsTanz Festival 2015 her extensive and brilliantly witty group piece will celebrate its world premiere with 3 male and 1 female performers! In the fi rst part of the performance the ensemble presents a medley of 32 interpretations of different meanings of S.O.S., such as “Sensation Of Sense” or “Song Of Soul”. The second part is a voyage transforming the 32 elements into theatrical short stories exploring the performance language of the fi rst part. Following her written “Performance Recipe Book” the Japanese born Viennese choreographer Akemi Takeya welcomes us in her creative world where she and her ensemble unfold little stories about a metaphoric state of emergency that are rich in imagery, astonishingly constructed, and will get under your skin!

Concept, Text & Choreography Akemi Takeya Performance Pawel Dudus, Leon Maric, Laura Eva Meuris, Evandro Pedroni, Akemi Takeya Visual Design, Camera Road Izumiyama Stage Hannes Wurm Light Design Martin Schwab Sound Sebastian Bauer Assistant Production Kanako Sako, Elif Melis Gencler PR, Communication Anna Etteldorf Production Management das Schaufenster
Production Administration Vladimir und Estragon Cooperation ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival, Japan Contemporary Dance Network, WUK – Werkstätten Supported by Wien Kultur, BKA, Austrian Cultural Forum Tokio Production IMEKA 2015

>> www.akemitakeya.com