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Videostill © Diara Sow


POINTS OF DEPARTURE Hyphen 17.07.2021 (20:00) and 19.07.2021 (19:00) - >> ImPulsTanz / WUK - großer Saal
>> POINTS OF DEPARTURE Filmversion 08.11.2021 (19:00) - >> HAU Hebbel am Ufer - HAU4
>> POINTS OF DEPARTURE Filmversion 26.12.2021 - >> LE STUDIO Film und Bühne
2022 - >> NorrlandsOperan / Umeå
POINTS OF DEPARTURE 2022 - >> PACT Zollverein / Essen

POINTS OF DEPARTURE is a stage piece in three parts building a narrative across time-lines and media.

The piece starts with a video prologue of footage (cinematography: Diara Sow, editing: Dafne Narvaez Berlfein) of Ian Kaler performing with a hawk in a forest. The idea to work with a hawk in this piece stems from a conversation with set designer Stephanie Rauch who's creating an abandoned suburban parking-lot-meets-edge-of-the-forest scenery for the piece. The video is structured as an expanding loop, blending layers of spacial perception, physique/body image and movement of the hawk and the human protagonist. This over-layering of characters for the video-prologue is inspired by the mythological figure of the „harpy“ which is described as a character with a birds body and a woman's head. Hyphen, the title of the ImPulsTanz premiere, emphasizes the connection between the two otherwise unjoined figures.

For the second part Kaler invited choreografer Jen Rosenblit to write and direct a monologue for him. Starting point for the text and character was working on a teenage character who fluctuates between inner monologue, storytelling, memory recollection, diary entry and sporadic, casual addresses to the outside (ie. audience). The character blends auto-biografical and fictional narratives and develops more and more of a physicality as the text and performance progresses.

For the final part of the performance the choreografer and movement director Stéphane "Peeps" Moun shares techniques from his practice informed by elements of housedance, hip hop, Tapdance & jazz- dance. Together they work on blending Kaler's own movement practice with Peeps's methods and approach to co-choreograph a powerful as well as subtle, hypnotic movement sequence.

Berlin-based music producer rRoxymore aka Hermione Frank plays the elec-tronic live soundtrack weaving a thread and performing together with Kaler. Lighting designer Thomas Zamolo is contributing live lights to the piece.

Concept, Artistic Director, Performance Ian Kaler Music composed, produced and performed by Hermione Frank aka rRoxymore | PART ONE: Direction Ian Kaler Concept Stephanie Rauch and Ian Kaler Cinematography Diara Sow Camera Assistance David Schwier Video Editing Dafne Narvaez Berlfein Hawk Trainer Ilka Simm | PART TWO: Text and Direction Jen Rosenblit | PART THREE: Choreographer/Movement Director Stéphane "Peeps" Moun | POINTS OF DEPARTURE: Set Design Stephanie Rauch Lightdesign/Technical Direction Thomas Zamolo Acting Coach Catarina Campos Costa Voice Training Marian Hudek Outside Eye Chris Standfest Coordination Set Design Ben Clark Production Management das Schaufenster (Vienna) and Martina Neu (Berlin) Production Ian Kaler Coproduction >> HAU Hebbel am Ufer, >> ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival, >> Norrlandsoperan, >> PACT Zollverein Supported by Stadt Wien Kultur, BMKÖS Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin