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Videostill © Diara Sow

POINTS OF DEPARTURE Filmversion from 08.11.2021 (19:00) to 14.11.2021 - >> HAU Hebbel am Ufer - HAU4
POINTS OF DEPARTURE Filmversion 30.12.2021 (20:00) - >> LE STUDIO Film und Bühne

POINTS OF DEPARTURE combines footage from the first and third part of the live performance >> POINTS OF DEPARTURE Hyphen with voice-overs by Jen Rosenblit from the rehearsal process as well as newly filmed footage of Stephane "Peeps" Moun and Ian Kaler in a practice session at Steinitzer Treppe, an open-air location in Berlin Brandenburg.

The filmversion is based on Kalers new solo POINTS OF DEPARTURE Hyphen for which he invited artistic companions to choreograph for him and with him. The live performance consists of three parts that are both independent and related. The opening video prologue with images of Ian Kaler and a falcon in the woods (cinematography by Diara Sow) is inspired by the mythological figure of the harpy. The idea of working with a falcon comes from conversations with the set designer Stephanie Rauch, who also created an extraordinary abandoned suburban car park meets edge of the forest scenario for the production.

For the second part of the live performance, Kaler invited Jen Rosenblit to write and direct a monologue. The starting point was work conducted on a teenage character with fragments of inner monologues, stories, memories and journal entries somewhere between autobiographical and fictional narratives. The filmversion uses parts of the original texts by Rosenblit in a new arrangement of voiceovers recorded during the rehearsal process.

In the final part of POINTS OF DEPARTURE Hyphen, the choreographer and movement director Stephane “Peeps” Moun shared techniques from his practice with Kaler, which is marked by elements of house dance, hip-hop, tap dance and jazz dance. Together, they worked on merging Kaler’s own movement vocabulary with Peeps’ methods and approach in order to co-choreograph a hypnotic movement sequence that is as powerfull as it is subtle.

The filmversion POINTS OF DEPARTURE creates a poetic juxtaposition (editing Dafne Narvaez Berlfein) of the various footages and narrative threads and is accompanied by the mesmerizing electronic soundtrack by the Berlin music producer rRoxymore alias Hermione Frank providing a through line based on the live soundtrack of the performance.

, Künstlerische Leitung, Performance Ian Kaler Musik komponiert, produziert und performed vonHermione Frank aka rRoxymore | ERSTER TEIL: Regie Ian Kaler Konzept Stephanie Rauch and Ian Kaler Cinematography Diara Sow Kamera Assistenz David Schwier Schnitt Dafne Narvaez Berlfein Falken Trainer Ilka Simm | ZWEITER TEIL: Text und Regie Jen Rosenblit | DRITTER TEIL: Choreograf/Movement Director Stéphane "Peeps" Moun | POINTS OF DEPARTURE: Bühnenbild Stephanie Rauch Lichtdesign/Technischer Direktor Thomas Zamolo Acting Coach Catarina Campos Costa Stimmen Training Marian Hudek Outside Eye Chris Standfest Koordination Bühnenbild Ben Clark Live Camera Vienna Dafne Narvaez Berlfein, Nils Olger, Barbara Wilding Final Cut/ Editing POD Film Dafne Narvaez Berlfein Drone Pilot Daniel Plath Produktionsleitung das Schaufenster (Vienna) and Martina Neu (Berlin) Produktion Ian Kaler Koproduktion >> HAU Hebbel am Ufer, >> ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival, >> Norrlandsoperan, >> PACT Zollverein Gefördert von Stadt Wien Kultur, BMKÖS Finanziert von Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin