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performance series

showing #01 08.05.2015 - 21:00 / >> Glashaus ADRIA Wien - Donaukanal Promenade / near Salztorbrücke, riverside of the 2nd district >> Location
showing #02 01.04.2017 - 17:00 / >> Tanzquartier Wien - Studios, in the frame of >> text|zeichen|setzen - opening #01
special #01 08.10.2017 - 15:00 / >> National Theatre Bucharest

Andreas Hamza, Jack Hauser, JohnPlayerSpezial, Yosi Wanunu and Hannes Wurm
all|ein is dedicated to Franz, Robin and Yakov.

is a series where human beings are adressed as a number of individuals. It is an analysis using methods of performance and epistemology. Initial point is the fact that nobody lives for his own. Everybody is located in different contexts and dependencies. There are other humans beyond the horizon of each single perception. But how may we understand this counterpart and our relationship?

In the analysis the focus is on the individual discussed as an abstract subject. We understand this as conception of the human being as a singular universal. It is the idea of One is All and All is One. Taking this as a theoretical principle you can identify similarities and differences on each person. It is the beginning of an intellectual game of constructs, correlations, identities and divergences. We have to peel off layer by layer of various identifications to understand what is behind all of this. However, isn't every single person on its very own in this game?

Man, lives and works in Vienna. Gender, residence and field of work sketch the lowest common factor. The performance retraces the artistic developments of the performers to here and now. Each of them was born in a different century and place, socialized under a different political and cultural system. Reduction, reflection and abstraction on comparable subjects show up differences, This may offer an option to understand the world. Thus the performance is a dialogue between text, dance, visual art and music, which tells the personal biography of the performer.

We are all|one.

Concept and Staging
Hannes Wurm Dramaturgical Advice Chris Standfest Thanks to Johannes Rauch and Akemi Takeya Production das Schaufenster with thanks to >> ADRIA Wien, >> Tanzquartier Wien,
>> explore festival

all|ein is a research on the production if, which is supported by Wien Kultur


The specials are supported by the Federal Cancellery of Austria.