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text | zeichen | setzen
a research series

opening #01 01.04.2017 - 17:00 / >> Tanzquartier Wien - Studios
in the frame of opening #01 we wil also present >> all|ein / showing #02

text|zeichen|setzen [text|sign|setting] is a research project by das Schaufenster, in which the principle of complicity is explored through three different performative instruments – the text, the sign and the setting. The starting point is the question of the extent to which it can be conceived of as a model of society. Complicity is a term in criminal law through which a crime is defined by common purpose, planning and execution. It describes a temporary, targeted and self-determined way of working as a fluid formation of alternating players. The practice of how we work in the free theatre scene is to be understood in exactly the same way. What distinguishes these methods? What are their advantages? And how can they be understood as models of coexistence?

Concept and Realisation Hannes Wurm | in Complicity with
text [text] .aufzeichnensysteme | zeichen [sign] Jack Hauser | setzen [setting] Stephanie Rauch | Guests opening #01 Andreas Hamza, JohnPlayerSpezial, Peter Stamer, Chris Standfest, Yosi Wanunu | discursive Support Chris Standfest | Production das Schaufenster | with Support of Wien Kultur

.aufzeichnensysteme | text Text/-performance, radio art, experimental sign and language projects, publications at the intersection of literature / performance / visual arts / projection art; has lived / worked in Vienna since 2000. www.elffriede.net | Solo publications: schrei zum hummel: eine art buch, Klever Verlag, Vienna 2013, seismograph: ein aufzeichnen-system, Edition CH / Wien 2007, leere in hülle +/- fülle (artwork), Flugschrift: Literatur als Kunstform u. Theorie 7, Vienna 2014; | scholarships: Vienna Literature Scholarship of the City of Vienna 2016, State Scholarship for Literature / Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture 2013 for schrei zum hummel: eine art buch, Klever Verlag, Vienna, Klangturm St Pölten Radio Prize for notebook of e.h. 2006 + Mira-Lobe Scholarship 2003 with Jörg Piringer | Scholarships and work purchases since 2002: Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Landesmuseum / St Pölten, Die Kunstsammlung, Sammlung Nordico / Linz, Ursula-Blickle Film Archive, Sammlung für Kunstbuch / 21 Haus, Sezession, Ortner2 (artists’ books and special editions), Chamber of Labour, MAK Vienna, City of Vienna | radio art / Ö1: arm aber anständig with Sabine Maier (2010, 15, 17), stimmenrekorder with fishy c/o dasschaufenster.at (2013), schrei zum hummel for literature as radio art (2010) | text performances / readings: Sezession Vienna, H.C. Artmann Festival, Literaturhaus (Berlin), esc Medienkunstlabor (Graz),?Elevate-Festival, Forum Stadtpark (Graz), Maerz Gallery (Linz), Alte Schmiede (Wien), Literaturhaus (Vienna), Hörbar / Hamburg | free radio: Vienna, Graz, Dresden, Weimar, Riga | performance?/ installation: Sezession / artists and poets / Vienna 2015, Minoriten / Graz 2014, Medienwerkststatt / Vienna, 2013 Kunsthalle Exnergasse / Vienna, esc medien kunst labor / Graz, Landesmuseum / St Pölten, 2012 Kunstraum Niederösterreich (KNÖ), Ortner 2 / Vienna, Ooekv in the OK / Linz, 2007 – 11, Glaskubus Valie Export (Vienna), Literaturhaus (Vienna), MAK (Vienna), Kunstmesse / Landesmuseum Linz | performance-festivals (interdisciplinary): Elevate, Graz 2009, Hurta Cordel, Madrid / Spain, 2008, Noass, Riga / Latvia, Wien Modern 2006, Diagonale, Graz 2003;

Jack Hauser | zeichen born in Horn/Lower Austria in 1958. After working as a chemist, he studied electronic music in Vienna from 1983 to 1986. In 1994 founded the performance band Lux Flux together with Inge Kaindlstorfer and David Ender. In 2003 he began collaboration with Milli Bitterli. In 2014/15 together with Lisa Hinterreithner he developed the performance series The Call of Things. Since 2005 he has produced numerous works together with Sabina Holzer. In addition he creates performance interventions and works with various media, which since 1999 have been managed and maintained as Wohnung Miryam van Doren. He is particularly interested in collective/cooperative works.

Stephanie Rauch | setzen completed a degree in stage and film design at the University of Applied Art Vienna and at the Wimbledon School of Arts London. She designs her works in the context of visual arts as well as for scenographic settings and makes a theme of this intersection. Alongside her solo artistic works, Stephanie Rauch designs spaces for productions by the choreographers and directors Claudia Bosse, Ute Monika Engelhardt, Philipp Gehmacher, Lisa Hinterreithner, Ian Kaler and Corinna Tetzel among others. Selection of her works: space for my shapes, your words, their grey by Philipp Gehmacher, Tanzquartier Wien, 2013. Installation area, Galerie am Schillerplatz in co-production with the Tanzquartier Wien, 2014. Stage set for An unserem Fluss by Lior Navok, Frankfurt Opera, 2015. Space for o.T I (the emotionality of the jaw), o.T I (gateways to movement) and o.T I (incipient futures) by Ian Kaler, Tanzquartier Wien, HAU Berlin, 2015/2016. Exhibition Handlungsanweisungen zum ersten Kapitel with Elena Peytchinska, im_flieger, 2015. Installation for Letting go of things by Lisa Hinterreithner, Pneu Festiva, Szene Salzburg, 2016. Stage set for Das schlaue Füchslein by Leoš Janácek at the Frankfurt Opera, 2016.

Hannes Wurm | Concept and Realisation born in 1972 in Vienna, where he also lives, works and probably will die. He develops performance projects, occasionally works as a performance artist and designs stage and lighting spaces in the free theatre scene. Artistic cooperation with aufzeichnensysteme, Sebastian Bauer, Christoph Coburger, Brendan Dougherty, Andreas Hamza, Jack Hauser, Paul Horn, Boris Kopeinig, Barbara Kraus, Fritz Ostermayer, Stephanie Rauch, Sir Tralala, Barbara Spitz, Peter Stamer, Chris Standfest, Oliver Stotz, Akemi Takeya, Yosi Wanunu, Toni Wiesinger and many more. In the 2000/2001 season he was the artistic director of the Schauspielhaus Schaufenster and in 2003 he founded Schaufenster as a free theatre project. Projects in Schaufenster have included touching . . . (2006-2007), it’s time (2011), the very last (2012), far away, so close (2013), if (2015) and all|ein (from 2015).