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far away, so close

Premiere 22th of September 2013 - 22:00 / >> rhiz - Gürtel Bogen 37, 1080 Vienna (in the frame of >> zusammengetrommelt - zehn Jahre das Schaufenster)
29th of November 2013 - 22:30 / theatercombinat - >> lesSOUTERRAINs! - Mommsengasse 23/1-2, 1040 Vienna (>> map)
20th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, 28th and 30th of July 2014 - 22:00, 1st of August 2014 - 20:00 / >> ImPulsTanz - >> Schauspielhaus Nachbarhaus, Porzellangasse 19, 1090 Vienna

As a child I was often observing my feet at the very end of my body. It was amazing: these two limbs down there belong to me! Those moments sometimes return these days. Far away, so close.

In his artistic work, Hannes Wurm enters a new field: dance. There, he focuses on questions regarding the imagination of body and space.
By little shifts of perspectives he tries to open up new ways of perception and thinking. In far away, so close the performer’s feet, which are the parts of his body furthest from view, come into focus: they become his counterpart. They appear on stage simultaneously: in unity with the dancer and as a video image separated from him. By linking these two images space becomes the condition of unity and difference, closeness and distance, affiliation and separation, subject and object, concept and body.
The performance is framed by Sigmund Freud’s essay The ‘Uncanny’, first published in 1919 and Cornershops Brimful of Asha from 1997, a tribute to the Indian dancer and playback singer Asha Bhosle, interpreted by Andreas Hamza.

Sensual approximation. Moments of a rational touch. Turn around. Music.

Choreography/Recording/Performance Hannes Wurm
Music/Performance Andreas Hamza
Dramaturgy Christine Standfest
Sigmund Freud: >> Das Unheimliche.
Production das Schaufenster

>> Video of the performances on the 22nd of September (rhiz / Vienna) and on the 29th of November 2013 (theatercombinat - lesSOUTERRAINs / Vienna) | 22 min.
>> Julius Deutschbauer ImPulsTanz-Blog: "Yet another performance I have not seen"

Hannes Wurm aka fishy
(*1972 in Vienna) lives, stages theatre and acts as a drop/down performance artist in Vienna, at Schauspielhaus Vienna, Schauspielhaus Schaufenster (artistic director), Tanzquartier Vienna, Tanztheater perForm, ImPulsTanz, dietheater Vienna, brut Vienna, donaufestival, ensemble für städtebewohner et al. He cooperates with Christoph Coburger, elffriede i.a., Andreas Hamza, Paul Horn, Boris Kopeinig, Barbara Kraus, Fritz Ostermayer, Sir Tralala, Barbara Spitz, Peter Stamer, Chris Standfest, Oliver Stotz, Yosi Wanunu, Toni Wiesinger et al. In 2003 he etablished das Schaufenster. Andreas Hamza Based in Vienna, sound editor (since 2002), musician (since 1991). Works amongst others: Live Music for Theatre for Peer Gynth (Landestheater Bregenz, 2011), Sound for In their name by Phillip Gemacher (2010), Live-Composition for >> Voices of the unknown by Barbara Kraus (TQW, 2011) as well as Sounddesign for >> Its time (das Schaufenster, 2011) and Live-Composition/Sounddesign >> the very last (das Schaufenster, 2012). Christine Standfest b. 1963 in Lower Bavaria. After and whilst studies of literature, linguistics, gender and cultural studies and pedagogics in Regensburg, Berlin (FU) and Lancashire she turned from political activism to theatre, performance and theory and tries to carry on collective projects in different fields. Since 1997 she worked and performed with theatercombinat and Claudia Bosse in Vienna, Berlin, Geneva, Podgorica and other cities. Own projects i.e. Sprechen. Völker. Schlachten - Kleist und Derrida, Völkerschlachtdenkmal, Leipzig. Besides and writing activities, she collaborates with Peter Stamer (sans papiers, Dance Congress Berlin; For Your Eyes Only, Vienna/Berlin 2012, A Future Archeology, Berlin, Vienna, Cairo 2013), das schaufenster/Hannes WurmLisa Hinterreithner, Doris Uhlich, Philipp Gehmacher, Katherina Zakravsky or Barbara Kraus (fuck all that shit, ImPulsTanz 2005) a. o. She was WERKSTÜCK coach at Tanzquartier Wien 2012 and part of the CPA*2012 - Choreographic Platform Austria Team and dramaturge of the ÖSTERREICH PAVILLON at the Etablissement Gschwander, Vienna, hosted by ImPulsTanz.) Right now she also takes the part of dramaturgical support of the ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival and co-curates the [8:tension] Young Choreographers’ Series.