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07. and 08.11.2017 (21:00) - >> Media Hall / Nationaltheatre Bucharest, in the frame of >> eXplore festival
14.04.2018 (20:00) - >> Scenkonstmuseet, in the frame of LABO - STOCKHOLM, curated and hosted by >> Cullberg Baletten
24. and 26.07.2019 (19:00) - >> Leopoldmuseum, in the frame of >> ImPulsTanz

In RAW PRACTICE choregrapher and performer Ian Kaler and music producer and performer Jam Rostron aka Planningtorock reveal their shared practice that first began through the internationally acclaimed choreographic series o.T.
Developing parallel to the three o.T. pieces has been a unique and personal creative language between Kaler and Rostron. A rich and intuitive collaborative partnership which the duo will now perform for the first time as RAW PRACTICE.

The point of departure of this new format are the core elements from the first, second and third part of the o.T series. In a structured and improvised jam-session with live-performed music of Planningtorock’s mix of rich melodic electronics and decisive percussion and Kaler’s charged and evoking movement-sequences the two artists share their intuitive practice. The outcome is an intimate dialogue in real-time in which Kaler and Rostron build personal narratives in front of the audience. A simple light-dramaturgy frames the performance of this fresh and powerful meeting – symbolizing the dawn and dusk of this, their ongoing venture.

PRACTICE AND PERFORMANCE Ian Kaler and Planningtorock CHOREOGRAPHIC FRAMING Ian Kaler MUSIC COMPOSITION Planningtorock LIGHTDESIGN Imogen Heath PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT das Schaufenster PRODUCTION Ian Kaler SUPPORTED BY Wien Kultur, Bundeskanzleramt Kunst;


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o.T. | (gateways to movement)
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